Legendary Announces King Kong Prequel ‘Skull Island,’ Sets 2016 Release Date

San Diego Comic-Con International is taking place right now in California, and over the next day or so you will likely see a slew of headlines coming out of the studio-hosted panels that have long served as the main Saturday …


TRAILER: ‘The Conjuring’ Prequel Reveals Origins of ‘Annabelle’

In most circles, Annabelle has been referred to as a spin-off ever since it was announced shortly after The Conjuring became one of last summer’s massive box-office successes. Today, we’re given our first extended look at Annabelle, with a …

The-Conjuring- museum warren house of haunted things annabell doll case

‘The Conjuring’ Gets A Spinoff-Prequel About Annabelle (The Doll)

[minor spoilers ahead] One of my favorite aspects of The Conjuring was how director James Wan showed audiences the room where the Warrens kept all the items they believed to have been used or possessed by evil spirits without giving …


SyFy Has Officially Greenlit ‘Sharknado 2’

Okay, internet. Let’s all take a deep breath and calm down. You won.

Though the debut of Sharknado was not a ratings juggernaut, the wild social media response to SyFy’s latest has been so great the cable network has …


LucasFilm Dates “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith” 3D Release, World Sighs

Well, this was expected but it doesn’t make me any less sad. LucasFilm announced a while ago that they would be rereleasing their Star Wars movies in 3D again to enhance the movie going experience (for those who aren’t as …


HOLY SH!T: “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” Arrives October 26

Over half a decade after the original brought in $97 million at the box office, Open Road has announced they will release Silent Hill: Revelation 3D on October 26.

Directed by Michael J. Bassett (Solomon Kane, Deathwatch), Revelation 3D will …


COULD BE GOOD: “Jackie Brown” Prequel Confirmed

There are countless blog posts scattered across the internet hating on the fact that nearly every film that finds a sliver of success in the mainstream winds up with a shitastic sequel/prequel, but this one may be different.

Variety is …

Prometheus Movie Poster


What a week for trailers! In the past several days, we’ve seen trailers for The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and now Ridley Scott’s ALIEN related project, Prometheus.

As a huge fan of the Alien …


Get Ready, A “Pinocchio” Prequel Is On The Way

I don’t know how many people saw the box office report this weekend, but Real Steel is once again number one and Fox’s prequel/remake of The Thing failed miserably. You’d think studios would start to realize the hype of remakes, …


The first official trailer for the upcoming prequel to The Thing, which is also entitled The Thing has arrived. Apparently claiming it’s a prequle (or reimagination or whatever line you choose) means you can use a familiar name, but …

David Wain considering “Wet Hot American Summer” prequel/sequel

Can you believe it has been ten years since Wet Hot American Summer was released? The camp-y comedy from director and comedy mastermind David Wain premiered at Sundance 2001 and later opened domestically to almost no audience (grossing only $300,000 …

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