princess of china


MUSIC VIDEO: Coldplay Ft. Rihanna – Princess Of China

Coldplay and Rihanna have teamed up with Perez Hilton to debut their brand new music video for “Princess Of China” and it is one wild ride. Combining epic landscape footage of China, in-depth fighting sequences and the huge song itself, Coldplay and RiRi definitely outdid themselves. This video is one to watch! Please click through […]


SINGLE REVIEW/STREAM: Coldplay – Princess Of China (Feat. Rihanna)

Artist: Coldplay Song: Princess of China (Feat. Rihanna) Genre: Pop Label: EMI One of the popular trends in pop music today is, of course, the featured artist. You see it in every Akon song title, “(Feat. anybody).” It get’s old, but it’s a money maker, so the trend persists. Many of these radio-ready singles are […]