Demon Baby Prank Promotes Upcoming Film ‘Devil’s Due’

This week we have a new baby coming to the big screens and there’s no better way to promote the film than to send out an animatronic demon baby on the streets to scare the living shit out of people. If you remember back a few months ago, the Carrie remake did the exact same […]

Love Pop Music, Saved By The Bell, & Gore? The Cast of “Final Destination 5” Has A Gift For You

Say what you will about how scary they actually are, but I love the Final Destination franchise. Any true horror fan does. Where else can you see elaborate, high budget deaths in high volume? The latest entry to the franchise, Final Destination 5 hits theaters next week and to promote it, the cast have pulled […]

Mysterious Coldplay album teaser

Coldplay have released another strange promotional video for their upcoming album. You can view the clip, entitled “And finally,” below.