The Classic Crime 2012

STREAM: The Classic Crime – “You and Me Both”

Former Tooth & Nail Records alternative rock band, The Classic Crime, will be releasing their fourth album, Phoenix, on August 14. Phoenix will be the Classic Crime’s first album since 2010’s Vagabonds, subsequently the last album TCC released on Tooth & Nail Records. The Classic Crime decided to release Phoenix independently. Now the group has dropped […]


MUSIC VIDEO: Iceage- You’re Blessed

Fresh from their first ever U.S., tour, Iceage have released the video for their song, “You’re Blessed.” Hailing from Denmark, this punk-rock quartet incorporated footage from their tour into the video. The song is from their debut album, New Brigade. Check it out!

Wiz Khalifa dishes on Mumford and Sons

During an interview with MTV during Spring Break in Las Vegas, rapper Wiz Khalifa shares his thoughts about experimenting with rhyming. When asked who he would pick if he could rap over any artists song, he surprisingly answered with the rock quartet Mumford and Sons. With the excitement on his face as if it were […]