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3/4 of Quiet Out Loud Quit Band

It’s not every morning you wake up to learn a band you featured less than three months prior essentially imploded while you were asleep. Three of the four members comprising Chicago pop rock outfit Quiet Out Loud have reportedly quit the band following ongoing friction between themselves and vocalist Nick Forbes. You can read a […]

Quiet Out Loud

LYRIC VIDEO/DOWNLOAD: Quiet Out Loud – “Wrecking Ball” (Miley Cyrus Cover)

Quiet Out Loud are an unsigned Chicago-based pop rock outfit, who recently released their debut EP, What I Really Meant To Say…. The group has seen quite a bit of success in their short time together already, and now they’ve premiered their take on insanely popular Miley Cyrus single, “Wrecking Ball.” The group also had […]


EXCLUSIVE: Quiet Out Loud Announce ‘What I Really Meant To Say…’ EP Release, Offer Free MP3

Chicago band Quiet Out Loud may have only been together for the last nine months, but they are quickly becoming one of the most hyped bands on the pop rock underground. Fans have known the group were working on their own debut release for some time, and this afternoon we’re excited to exclusively reveal that […]