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Justin Bieber Jokes About Retirement, Internet Wants To Belieb He’s Telling The Truth

Oh, Justin Bieber. We can always count on you to provide us with something interesting on otherwise slow news days. While taking part in a radio interview this morning (12/18) with Power106 in Los Angeles, Justin Bieber told listeners he was considering walking away from music after his next album hits stores. He said, “The […]

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Patrick Stump Updates Blog, Swears He Is Not Quitting Music

Patrick Stump has been largely quiet since our own staffer Jacob Tender inspired a lengthy blog detailing his rise and fall in popularity earlier this year. We knew Stump had been taking meeting, potentially writing with some artists, and now we have the truth. In a new blog posted on his official website last night, […]


BREAKING: Jonny Craig No Longer Making Music, Claims His Career Is Over [UPDATED]

The world chewed up and spit out Dance Gavin Dance frontman Jonny Craig earlier this week, and it seems Jonny has finally reached his breaking point. Earlier tonight, Jonny took to this personal Facebook to announce he is moving on in life. In a status update, Craig wrote: Im no longer gonna be making music. […]

Justin Timberlake “not thinking” about making music

Justin Timberlake was once the pop star everyone admired, but it seems those day may have passed for good (at least for now). In a recent interview with NME, Justin was quoted as saying he is “not thinking” about making music anytime soon. It seem the former N*Sync frontman now prefers to focus on his […]