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rachel Taylor

Rachel Taylor Returns to He Is We

Is it over yet? It’s been a crazy year for He Is We and all of the parties involved. So, let’s catch up. First, vocalist Rachel Taylor pulled herself from the road due to illness. She was replaced by new live singer Stevie Scott. Then Rachel decided that it might be necessary to take legal action to […]


He Is We Announce New Vocalist, Comment On Rachel Taylor’s Departure

He Is We have announced Stevie Scott as the full time replacement for former vocalist Rachel Taylor. In a letter released to fans and press, Scott and guitarist/songwriter Trevor Kelly commented on He Is We’s recent changes: “Rachel is hands down one of the most talented individuals I know and have ever had the pleasure […]

rachel Taylor

Rachel Taylor Blogs About Leaving He Is We, Discusses Future Plans

It seems like Rachel Taylor has officially left He Is We following weeks of rumors/gossip on blogs. To announce her potential departure, and better explain the motivation behind her decision to leave, Rachel posted a lengthy blog on her Tumblr earlier this morning. She later followed that post with another entry detailing her outlook on […]

rachel Taylor

Rachel Taylor To Take Legal Action To Preserve Her Role In He Is We

Rachel Taylor of He Is We has had it rough in the past few months. In late April, He Is We announced that Rachel would no longer be able to tour with the band due to health complications. As a result of that, Stevie Scott stepped in to perform touring vocal duties. Now in addition […]

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He Is We Perform With New Vocalist

He Is We were filmed performing their song “And Run,” with the help of new vocalist Stevie Scott, at The Rave and did a fantastic job. Trevor Kelly has also released a statement on Rachel Taylor’s departure from He Is We. Read the full statement from Trevor and watch their performance by simply clicking through […]

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He Is We drop off All Time Low Tour

He Is We was forced to drop off their current Tour with All Time Low because vocalist Rachel Taylor needs be treated for medical reasons. Jeff Levin, the band’s manager posted a statement regarding dropping off the tour: First and foremost, our main concern is for Rachel to get the treatment that she needs to […]

He Is We announces headlining tour

He Is We‘s Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly recently sat down and interviewed with Muzik Dizcovery. They released a hint about a headlining tour that is to come and said, We’re planning it for mid June to the beginning of July. We have no details about it, when the dates or who we’re taking out […]