Chris Brown Accused Of Slut-Shaming Rihanna On Unreleased “I’m Still” Verse

“Every nigga in the industry done fucked my bitch / And all my niggas said I told ya.” – Chris Brown Given enough time, people reveal their true selves. It’s a fact we’ve seen dozens of times in music, and try as he might to convince his younger followers he is the exception to the […]

Issues 2012

Issues Comment On Fan Reaction To “King Of Amarillo”

Issues, the latest project from former Woe, Is Me frontman Tyler Carter, released their long-awaited debut single at midnight last night. The song, titled “King Of Amarillo,” showcased a much heavier side of Carter’s personality that fans may not have expected given the artist’s most recent solo efforts, and left some longtime followers crying foul. […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Dead Letter Circus – Reaction

Check out Dead Letter Circus‘ music video for their single “reaction” right here on Under The Gun. Watch it and let us know what you think by sounding off in the comments section.

Video Interview with Anthony Raneri

Click through the jump to see a video interview with Bayside frontman, Anthony Raneri. In this interview, Anthony discusses the over all reaction to Bayside’s new album, Killing Time, which hit the shelves today. He also talks about the crowd attendance for their recent tour with A Day to Remember, constructs his dream band, and talks about some of the behind-the-scenes/production stuff that went into making the new record.

The OTHER half of PATD responds

Yesterday we brought you news of two members, Ryan Ross and Jon Walker, surprisingly announcing their departure from scene heavyweight Panic At The Disco, but now we have the other side of the story. Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith have posted their response to the events of yesterday in a statement you can find below: […]