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Rebecca Black Attempts A Comeback With “Saturday” (Seriously)

Remember Rebecca Black? Of course you do. She was the teenage singing sensation who delivered the inescapable viral smash “Friday” back in the early months of 2011. She took some time to grow up a bit (she’s now 16), and this weekend Ms. Black started her comeback with the release of a new song fittingly […]

Rebecca Black pulled from school after kids (surprisingly) tease her

TMZ is having a slow news week. First they report on a Twilight “star” with a DUI that no one in the UTG office can recognize based off a mugshot, then they inform us 14-year-old Rebecca Black has been pulled from public school because, get this, kids teased. That’s right, apparently making a “hit” song […]

Rebecca Black releases new single and an ep comes after

When I first heard “Friday”, like most, I cried a little. “What is the music industry coming to?”, I thought. However, Black’s time came and went. Or so it seemed. It has been revealed today that the 14 year old Youtube sensation is finishing up a 5 track EP. Furthermore, she will be self releasing […]

Katy Perry covers “Friday”

Someone get Katy Perry a late pass. While in Melbourne, Australis on her California Dreams tour, the “I Kissed A Girl” singer performed a cover of Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” You can view video of the performance below, but don’t expect too much.

Rebecca Black fighting Ark Music Factory

Click here to read a story explaining a dispute between infamous internet sensation, Rebecca Black, and Ark Music Factory (the company that produced her single, “Friday.”) The suit has reportedly been brought forth on the basis of copyright infringement and unlawful exploitation of publicity rights.

Stephen Colbert covers Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

Late night comedian Stephen Colbert appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show last night to premiere his cover of Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” You can view the performance below. Now the question remains, whose version is less nauseating? Comment below and let us know!

No one saw this coming…

According to a new article from Rolling Stone, Rebecca Black (and her parents) are accusing Ark Music Factory of copyright infringement and unlawful exploitation of publicity rights for the song “Friday.” Click here to find out more. What we want to know is how much they’re going to want the masters next week when her […]

Rebecca Black hijacks Funny Or Die

Much like how Justin Bieber took it over last year, Rebecca Frank has hijacked Funny Or Die. Click here to see what we’re talking about.

Rebecca Black may make us “LOL” with her next single

Rebecca Black plans to follow up her last single, “Friday”, with “LOL”. She also has plans to make a full length album at Flying Pig Productions in Los Angeles, California. This is being done despite not having a record deal. Her last video has accumulated over 55 million views since February 10; however, a great […]

Beyond December cover Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

Beyond December, formally The Blaqk Year, cover Rebecca Black‘s “Friday.”

The Rolling Stone elaborates on Rebecca Black’s infamous “Friday” video

If you have been on the internet at all this week (which I will assume is probably most of you), chances are, you’ve seen the infamous “Friday” music video from Rebecca Black. The Rolling Stone has posted an article with an interesting angle, titled, Why Rebecca Black’s Much-Mocked Viral Hit ‘Friday’ Is Actually Good. The […]