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HOLY SH!T: Look At The US Poster for “[Rec] 3”

The US poster for [Rec] 3 is not taking shit from anyone. Featuring the film’s star Leticia Dolera carrying a chainsaw in her bloody bridal gown, there really should be no further reasoning needed to get you to view this post. It lies past the jump, so click through and enjoy. Those lucky folks south […]


MOVIE TRAILER: [Rec] 3: Genesis

Still a few months away from release, the world can now gaze upon the latest visuals for [Rec] 3: Genesis. Set a few hours before the events of the original, [Rec] 3: Genesis follows the disarray of a zombie outbreak at a wedding. Unlike the others, this film eventually abandons the “found footage” shooting style, […]

MOVIE TRAILER: Quarantine 2: Terminal

Something I love and hate about US film adaptations is how heavily American ego factors into the process. Generally speaking, we love to take the most successful films from other countries and turn them into overblown epics with far too much funding and far too little talent. One such example, in my opinion at least, […]