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Review: Isles & Glaciers – The Hearts of Lonely People

Isles & Glaciers break a lot of new ground with The Hearts of Lonely People. Not only is it the first “underground supergroup,” but the overall sound of the record is unique to the group and not too influenced by any one member.

Review: Say Anything – Say Anything

Artist: Say Anything Album: Say Anything Genre: Rock Label: RCA Max Bemis is no longer the angry, confused mind he once was, but with a career as successful as his along with his young marriage, what is their to complain about? Well don’t worry old school fans fans, Max still has quite a few bones […]

He Is Legend – It Hates You

Artist: He Is Legend Album: It Hates You Genre: Hard Rock Label: Tragic Hero I don’t think we need to waste too mcuh time with the “quirky” introduction to this review as my “first impressions” pretty much gave away our views on this record. He Is Legend’s third label release, It Hates You is an […]

Young Love – One Of Us

Artist: Young Love Album: One Of Us Genre: Electropop Label: Island Young Love is an act that’s been brewing just under the radar for a little while now. In fact, when I mentioned it, my girlfriend shot up like you told her she won the lottery she was so excited. So, at that moment, I […]

REVIEW BATTLE: Eminem – Relapse

Review Battles are when two or more of our writers review the same record. This way you get more viewpoints on the same material. Feel free to comment and say who you agree with. Artist: Eminem Album: Relapse Genre: Hip Hop/Rap Label: Shady/Aftermath Round 1: James Shotwell – Editor It’s been far too long since […]