Watch a Clip From Ryan Gosling’s Directorial Debut, ‘Lost River’

Ever since Ryan Gosling said he’d be taking a break from acting, we’ve had our eyes raised in curiosity about what would come next. So now, after sneaking a peak at some photos from the set, we get to see a clip from the actor’s directorial debut, Lost River, as it’s set to premiere at Cannes this week. […]


HOLY SH!T: Nicolas Winding-Refn Announces ‘Valhalla Rising’ Sequel

When I finally rolled out of bed around noon today I was unaware that something amazing had happened. For years I had raved to all my friends that love movies about how good Valhalla Rising was, constantly talking about how it was the perfect film. Now it seems that Refn and Mads Mikkelsen will be teaming up […]


HOLY SH!T: Nicolas Winding Refn To Produce “Maniac Cop”

Daily Grindhouse is reporting that modern indie God Nicolas Winding Refn has joined the remake/prequel/sequel/something team working to get Maniac Cop off the ground. Refn, whose name you most likely recognize from Drive and/or Valhalla Rising, was confirmed as part of the project by Larry Cohen during an interview with DG. Cohen commented: “It’s going […]