Riley Breckenridge

Puig Destroyer

Puig Destroyer Stream Baseball-Themed “Batflip”

The baseball season is slowly coming to an end and teams are fighting to the “grind” to either be on top of their respective division or for the last wild card spot before the postseason begins. With this being said, Puig Destroyer are streaming another song today off their self-titled debut that is all about […]


Riley Breckenridge Posts New Puig Destroyer Tracks

If you’ve been keeping up with the members of Thrice and what they’re doing now, you’ve certainly heard of Riley Breckenridge and his involvement with Puig Destroyer; one intense, loud, almost thrash-filled project that’s as entertaining as it is terrifying. It’s quite the departure from Thrice, but that’s half of the fun. With every track […]

Puig Destroyer 2013

STREAM: Puig Destroyer – “Stop Fucking Bunting”

Puig Destroyer (featuring members of Thrice, Curl Up And Die, and Kowloon Walled City) are a baseball-themed grindcore band that does not mess around. They partnered up with our buds over at to premiere their 57-second track “Stop Fucking Bunting” and can be heard through the link provided. Get ready for insanity to explode […]


UTG EXCLUSIVE: Thrice’s Riley Breckenridge Reflects On The Alchemy Index Vols. III & IV

You may recall an announcement from the end of August that UTG had joined forces with AbsolutePunk, PropertyOfZack, Alter The Press, and Punknews to form AbsoluteVoices. While the idea of a digital community is great, the actual execution of such a feat is much more difficult than it seems. Now that we’re finally getting the […]


Thrice to Tour / Write Again

Ever since post-hardcore institution, Thrice, called it a day last Autumn, drummer Riley Breckenridge has been vocal regarding the band’s “hiatus” not being his decision. Breckenridge has continued to lament publicly the “extended break” Thrice will be embarking on following the conclusion of their farewell tour. Needless to say, Breckenridge has not portrayed the most […]

Riley from Thrice has a song to download

You can download a song called “I Wish You Way More Than Luck” from Riley Breckenridge of Thrice right HERE.