50 Cent Claims He Will “Put French Montana Out Of Business”

The Fall has brought to light a lot of feuds in the world of hip hop. We spoke briefly a few weeks back about Gucci and Jeezy, then it was Meek and Cassidy, and now it seems everyone is turning their gossip-loving attention to a rivalry between 50 Cent and French Montana. I’m not exactly […]


WATCH: Taking Back Sunday Discuss “Rivalry” With Brand New

The so-called “feud” between Taking Back Sunday and Brand New is as old as the misuse of emo. Since the days following the release of Tell All Your Friends people have used message boards and venue parking lots to debate the cause of the battle that reportedly inspired a slew of fan favorites from each […]

French-Montana 2012

DRAMA: French Montana Talks Shit About 50 Cent, 50 Cent Responds

French Montana is currently gracing the cover of Fader following the enormous success of his single “Pop That” earlier this Summer. He is arguably amongst the biggest names in hip hop at this time and as a result, people want to know how he feels about everyone else in the game. Now, of course the […]