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This is where a normal 1990s action movie would have some hard rock song go over the credits. This movie chose The Cure.

The Cure Announce New Album Plans

After a six-year-long wait, The Cure will release their 14th album, entitled 4:14 Scream later this year. The record comes as a follow-up to 2008’s 4:13 Dream and will be accompanied by a tour in which the band will play a series of albums in full. The band has embarked on this type of tour twice before, once […]

Sounds Familiar Featured Image

Sounds Familiar: Week 6

Continuing our expansion of original content, Under The Gun Review presents its latest column, Sounds Familiar, dedicated to trawling the world and web for the latest remixes, redos, and reminiscent bits that our newest columnist Julia McAlpine finds appealing. Be prepared for some diversity in your music library. The songs may not be new, but they […]

Music video: “Not in Love”

Pitchfork posted the video for “Not in Love” remix by Crystal Castles & Robert Smith. Check out the video after the jump!

Crystal Castles teams up with Robert Smith

You heard us right, and it totally rules. Check out the details and to hear their revamped version of “Not In Love”