‘What If’ Trailer: Daniel Radcliffe And Zoe Kazan Try To Keep It Platonic

Daniel Radcliffe has navigated his post-Harry Potter career so far. He’s hit the stage with a play and a musical, forayed into horror, and portrayed a famous American poet. It’s probably a good thing he diversified before hopping into a standard romcom – he’ll hopefully avoid any more child star trip-ups or McConaughey-esque swoon. This romcom, What If, […]


‘A Case Of You’ Trailer Finds Justin Long Asking Peter Dinklage For Life Advice

Justin Long has been in a number of romantic comedies over the course of his career, but his upcoming film is the first penned by the man himself. A Case Of You presents itself as a basic cute-meets-cute story, but as the trailer plays on you learn there is a bit more at play. Long […]