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Mac Demarco

Mac DeMarco Announces Mini-Album ‘Another One,’ New Tour Dates

Mac DeMarco (known in some circles as professional backer Dave Fuck) has announced a new mini record and a slew of new tour dates. The most mysterious man in indie rock will release the eight-track record, Another One, on August 7 via Captured Tracks. The songs were recorded by DeMarco himself in his Queens home […]

Mac DeMarco video

Watch Homer Simpson on Drugs in Mac DeMarco’s “Chamber of Reflection” Video

Earlier this year, lo-fi indie rocker and stoner icon Mac DeMarco put out his third full-length studio album, Salad Days. It features songs that manage to be even hazier, slower, and more lo-fi than his last release, 2. One of the album’s hits is “Chamber of Reflection,” and now in its new music video, it’s slowed down even […]

Mac DeMarco Rooftop Portugal

Watch Mac DeMarco Roam Portugal While Playing “Let My Baby Stay”

It always surprises me that singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco is from Canada. He’s got the supremely chill ‘tude of a Cali dude, the closet of a farmer in Iowa, and the endless supply of blunts of a native Colorado kid. His music, however, has the relaxed tone and old soul of someone all of us can relate […]

Fireworks teaser video

Check out a brand new teaser video from Detroit’s own Fireworks to see what what the group has in store for their fans. The band’s upcoming full-length album will be released this spring on Triple Crown Records and produced by Brian McTernan at his Salad Days Studios. Link provided after the jump.

Balance And Composure begin production

It has been announced that PA’s Balance And Composure started production with Brian McTernan on their No Sleep Records debut due out this spring.