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Dave Bautista Cast As A Villain In Sam Mendes’ Upcoming James Bond Film

Guardians of the Galaxy solidified Chris Pratt as Hollywood’s next big leading man, but it also helped the careers of seemingly everyone else connected to James Gunn‘s box office dominating Marvel release as well. The most surprising of the bunch is Dave Bautista, who’s mostly only known in the professional wrestling world until he took […]



Movie: Skyfall Director: Sam Mendes I’m not sure if this is a minority opinion, but I’ve often considered the Bond franchise to be a rather divisive property. For everyone I know who loves the gadgetry, the intrigue and espionage, there’s another who resents the cheese and vainglorious posturing of the early days and the emotionless […]


Preview of Adele’s “Skyfall” theme released

The theme song to the upcoming 23rd James Bond picture “Skyfall” may not be released officially till Thursday, but a short preview of Adele’s song was just released. The preview, clocking in at just under two minutes, recalls the older themes from the Sean Connery days of James Bond, and with everything that’s happening, people might […]