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Review: Brothers – When I Was Young EP

“…It may be hard to convince “true” hardcore fans that Brothers is worth their time with the countless washed up impersonators dragging the scene down, but if there’s one thing you leave here with, it’s that they are worth every second you have.”

We Interviewed Troy and Joel of BROTHERS and Studiotte Recording!

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Joel and Troy Otte of StudiOtte as well as the Grand Rapids hardcore act, Brothers. Between making amazing recordings for local and national bands alike, and being active with their own band, the Ottes are two of the hardest working guys in the […]

Empires – Through Trial & Tribulation Comes Triumph

  Band: Empires Album: Through Trial & Tribulation Comes Triumph Label: Saw Her Ghost Genre: Post Rock Tracks: 1. Mourning The Arrival Of The Sun 2. Climbing Towards The Infinite 3. Sickly Brown Sky 4. Patience In The Tide 5. Our Mother 6. Through Trial & Tribulation Comes Triumph 2008, for me, has been a […]

Brothers – Black Friday

  Band: Brothers Album: Black Friday Genre:  Hardcore Label: Saw Her Ghost Tracks: 1. Beginnings 2. War At Home 3. Trapped 4. Black Friday 5. Day One 6. So Sincere 7. Never Again 8. Strength In Numbers 9. Hand of Judgement 10. The Destroyer 11. Is Anyone Listening Forget everything you think you know about […]