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REVIEW: Pentimento & Young English – Split

Artist: Pentimento & Young English

Album: Split

Label: Panic

With both bands releasing well-received EP’s late last year, New York’s Pentimento and Young English have teamed up to release an eight-track split through Panic Records. For fans of both bands, this split sees them keeping up the momentum previous releases had. While for new fans, it is an ideal introduction.

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REVIEW: The Audition – Chapter II

Artist: The Audition
Album: Chapter II
Genre: Pop Rock

After parting ways with Victory Records in July 2010, the future for Chicago pop-rockers The Audition was unknown; so much so that some fans were led to believe the band had called it a day. However now in February 2012, the band have returned albeit a slight line-up change; Joe Lussa has re-joined on bass and Jimmy Lopez has replaced the departed Seth Johnson on guitar. Nevertheless Chapter II sees a band that is refreshed and ready to take on the world.

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O Brother

REVIEW: O’Brother – Garden Window

Artist: O’Brother
Album: Garden Window
Genre: Rock
Label: Triple Crown/Favorite Gentlemen

On O’Brother’s last effort, 2009’s The Death of Day EP, the Atlanta, Georgia group produced a mix of layered alt-rock and post-rock, which resulted in a collection well-crafted, emotionally charged songs and on the whole, showed a lot of promise.

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A Loss For Words

REVIEW: A Loss For Words / Such Gold – Split 7″

Artist(s): A Loss For Words & Such Gold
Album: Split 7″
Genre: Pop Punk/Rock
Label(s): No Sleep Records / Mightier Than Sword

The thought of two of the best up and coming Pop Punks releasing a split 7-inch with two popular and emerging DIY labels, sounds incredibly exciting. The two bands in question are Rochester, New York’s Such Gold and Boston, Massachusetts’ A Loss For Words. Both are bands that have slowly and firmly been gathering on both sides of the Atlantic for the best part of 18 months.

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Pianos Become The Teeth

REVIEW: Pianos Become The Teeth – The Lack Long After

Artist: Pianos Become The Teeth
Album: The Lack Long After
Genre: Rock/Screamo/Post-Rock
Label: Topshelf Record

With their previous release, Old Pride, Baltimore’s Pianos Become The Teeth created one of the best (but forgotten) records of 2010. Now as the band head into 2012, the follow-up, The Lack Long After doesn’t quite have the same zest and longevity as their last release.

On Old Pride, the quintet showcased a compelling blend of post-hardcore, screamo and (in places) post-rock. With The Lack Long After lean more towards the post-hardcore side yet they subtly keep that textured sound that made the band appealing …

Man Overboard 2011

REVIEW: Man Overboard – Man Overboard

Artist: Man Overboard
Album: Man Overboard
Label: Rise
Genre: Pop Punk

For New Jersey’s Man Overboard, last year’s Real Talk gained plenty of attention and praise. After all it proved to a consicse collection of straight-up pop-punk songs. One year on, and the now five-piece (guitarist Wayne Wildrick re-joined the band earlier this year,) have the difficult task of producing a worthy follow-up.

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Late In The Playoffs

REVIEW: Late In The Playoffs – Everything I Know

Artist: Late In The Playoffs

Album: Everything I Know

Genre: Indie Pop

Every once in awhile an unknown band drops in your inbox and instantly grab your attention; and I don’t mean by some fancy hyped-up press release. When I heard “You Won’t” by Late In The Playoffs some months back, their radiant energy instantly won me over and got me interested in the Chicago group, so much to the point that I would mention them wherever possible.

Now with their debut EP, Everything I Know Late In The Playoffs showcase a sensible, smooth indie pop style that has urgently …

Perform at Leeds Festival 2011

LIVE REVIEW: Leeds Festival 2011

EVENT: Leeds Festival 2011
DATE: August 26-28
LOCATION: Bramham Park

Despite the apparent lack of ticket sales, the annual Leeds Festival was a busy and satisfying weekend of music and comedy. With a mix of  indie, punk rock, folk, dub step and more or less anything else you can think of, this year’s Leeds Festival was an eccentric and interesting line-up with plenty to see over three packed days.

Whilst the non-stop rain on Friday made the festival a mud-fest for the remainder of the weekend, We Are The Ocean opened up the main stage to a decent response with …


UTG’s Reading And Leeds Festival 2011 Preview: 25 Must See Bands

This weekend, two of the biggest UK festivals take place. The annual Reading and Leeds Festivals have become a highlight for music fans, as year in, year out it showcases a valuable blend of established and emerging bands, as well as comedy acts.

Since Leeds Festival was paired with the established Reading Festival in 1999, the biggest names in rock, indie and hip-hop have performed at the festival. From Oasis to Eminem to Iron Maiden to Blink-182, Reading and Leeds has consistently delivered in terms of headliners, whilst the smaller stages in recent years have played host to new bands …

Into It. Over It.

REVIEW: Into It. Over It. – Twelve Towns

Artist: Into It. Over It.
Album: Twelve Towns
Label: Topshelf Records

Over the past 18 months, the output from Chicago’s Evan Thomas Weiss has been more than overwhelming. His Twelve Towns collection was originally released through numerous splits with the likes of Such Gold, Everything Everywhere and Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate). As a result of these splits receiving such good feedback, Weiss has decided to compile the tracks together for the complete release.

Like his previous LP, 52 Weeks, Twelve Towns sensibly shows Weiss variation in both terms of style and song-writing; “Nashville, TN” is a …