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The Chainsmokers Build Their Own Music Video Universe With “Kanye”

Whether or not you love The Chainsmokers‘ viral hit “#Selfie” you have to give the duo credit for finding a way to cash in on the most annoying photo trend since the days we all exclaimed ‘Myspace shot’ whenever someone posed in front of their mirror. That one silly song made it possible for the […]

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Dream Riders: The Tour Desires of Your Favorite Artists (UTG Exclusive)

Wikipedia defines a rider as: a set of requests or demands that a performer sets as criteria for performance. Whether an act’s tour rider is ridiculously egocentric and/or overly materialistic, just plain outlandish in a fun way, a rock ‘n’ roll legend, or far more modest and unshowy than you might expect, nearly every touring […]


UTG PHOTOS: Flume & The Chainsmokers (4/14/14)

Under The Gun sent photographer, Kellie Gannon, to Highline Ballroom in New York City to photograph MTV Presents: Artists to Watch featuring The Chainsmokers and Flume on April 14, 2014. If by now the phrase “LET ME TAKE A SELFIE!” isn’t stuck in your brain on repeat for no apparent reason, let me accidentally-on-purpose ingrain […]


Flo Rida Tries (and Fails) To Piggyback Off The Chainsmokers’ Success With A Spoken Word EDM Single Of His Own

If you have been following the various free singles posted on UTG in recent months you will no doubt recall seeing The Chainsmokers’ name scroll by a time or two. They built their brand on cutting-edge remakes of pop hits, but in recent years they have also been making efforts with original music that is […]

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MUSIC VIDEO: The Chainsmokers – “#Selfie”

The selfie phenomenon. We are all guilty of it. We’ve done it through our webcams, on our cellphones, at work, on the bus, in the bathtub – pretty much anywhere. It’s become such a normal occurrence that people have made a game out of it. As things become popular, more people start to hate on […]


The Thermals Are So Attention Starved That They Posted A Nude Selfie

What happens when you want news coverage and you’re not doing anything news worthy? A normal person would probably suggest doing something to stand out. A rock band could consider a new album cycle, or going on tour… or posting a nude photo for no reason whatsoever. The Thermals, who describe themselves as “post-punk-power-pop,” said […]

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WATCH: Tyler, The Creator Feat. Earl Sweatshirt and Domo Genesis Perform “Rusty” on ‘Letterman’

Last night, members of Odd Future stopped by The Late Show With David Letterman to perform the song “Rusty” from Tyler, The Creator’s new album, Wolf.  There’s no doubt that Odd Future is a collection of entertaining personalities. During Domo Genesis’ verse, both Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, The Creator bust out an impromptu choreographed dance. […]