Showbread Are Teasing Something Related To Their Debut Album

Oh, Showbread. You never did like to be direct with your marketing efforts. This morning, the social networks for Showbread lit up with an image post referencing the promotional imagery for the band’s debut album, No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical. That record was released in September 2004, which means it is currently celebrating a […]

Showbread Promo 2012

REVIEW: Showbread – Cancer

Band: Showbread Album: Cancer Genre: Raw Rock Label: Unsigned/Come&Live! Without discrediting what I have to say, I’ve personally been been following Showbread for a good 5+ years of my life. Not to say that this means that I’ve been a complete fan of every single release that the band’s put out, but I’ve definitely spun […]

Showbread hint at possible remix album ‘Who Can Unknow It?’

This is as simple as we could put it, a “possible” remix album is in the works for Showbread. The band is known for being pranksters when it comes to releasing breaking news so we’ll keep you updated as information is being given out. Who Can Unknow It? the first ever Showbread remix album, coming […]

Music video: Showbread “I Never Liked…

Showbread‘s music video for “I Never Liked Anyone and I’m Afraid of People” can be seen by clicking past the jump. This song is off of the band’s most recent release called Who Can Know It?

Showbread post first dates of FREE tour

Showbread have revealed the first dates for their upcoming FREE tour. Check them out, here.

Please remix Showbread

Showbread have posted their latest album, Who Can Know It?, enitrely in multi-track form to give fans the opportunity to remix it as they see fit. Being HUGE supporters of Showbread as a staff, we really hope to see submissions from UTG readers! Download the free album in full or multi-track form, here.

Music video: Showbread “You’re Like A Taxi”

Showbread has released their new music video for “You’re Like A Taxi”. Head over to to download their new record Who Can Know It? for a price you choose, even free. Watch the music video in our feature box and after the jump!

Showbread upcoming album trailer

Watch a video trailer for Showbread’s upcoming album, Who Can Know It below!


Showbread planning FREE tour

Showbread will release their fan-funded album, Who Can Know It?, on November 16 for free. To support the album, Showbread are planning to continue giving back to fans with a completely free tour in early 2011. Read how you can help make this a reality after the jump!

The Whole Thing

Head past the jump to see Spitalfield’s entire reunion show!

Showbread’s New Album Is Free


New Showbread Video

Showbread have released the video for their song “I Think I’m Going To See You.” You can see it below: Showbread “I Think I’m Going To See You” Music Video from Showbread on Vimeo.