Silver and Gold


ALBUM STREAM: Sufjan Stevens – ‘Silver & Gold’

This one isn’t really an album stream, so much as a stream of a fifty eight track box set. Sufjan Stevens‘ latest Christmas release, Silver & Gold, has come out today and is on Bandcamp for paid download and free streaming. If you download it, it still comes with a forty page .pdf file for […]


MUSIC VIDEO: Sufjan Stevens – “Mr. Frosty Man”

I’m going to be honest up front: 99% of the time I could not care less about Sufjan Stevens. I know, I know, some people see him as an indie deity ranking alongside Neutral Milk Hotel, but his music is just not for me. The video you’re about to see, however, is 100% up my […]

City and Colour acoustic performance of “Silver and Gold”

City and Colour have delighted us with an acoustic performance of his song called “Silver and Gold” off of the latest work, Little Hell. Watch right here on UTG and enjoy. Do you like City and Colour’s new sound?