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"My Wife Hates Me" Live Podcast Taping

UTG PHOTOS & REVIEW: ‘My Wife Hates Me’ Live Podcast Taping (3/11/14)

“What are you guys watching that sex looks like making sausages?” On Tuesday, March 11, some of the greatest minds in comedy and radio joined forces at the Comedy Cellar’s Village Underground in New York City. Things got weird. The special event was a live podcast taping of Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane’s show My […]

Jim Florentine - UTG TV

UTG TV: Jim Florentine Talks Stand-Up, Metal, And Podcasting

At the end of the day, Jim Florentine defines himself as a stand-up comic. When UTG TV sat down with Jim Florentine at Governor’s Comedy Club in New York, we immediately implied that he was a very busy man. Although his sarcastic rebuttal of “eh, not really,” demonstrated his chop-busting abilities, we didn’t really buy […]

Manchester Orchestra perform new song

Manchester Orchestra performed a new song entitled, “Bananas” for the first time for Sirius XM. Check out the acoustic performance below.