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Music video: Sister Sin “24-7”

Watch Sister Sin‘s latest music video for their song “24-7” off of their album True Sound Of The Underground by looking below.


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Review: Sister Sin – True Sound of the Underground

“…pays homage to a trend that’s been laid to rest since the grunge era flourished and sent it packing. “

Sister Sin – Switchblade Serenades

Band: Sister Sin Album: Switchblade Serenades Genre: Metal [Glam-like] Label: Victory Tracks: 1. Beat The Street 2. Death Will Greet Us 3. One Out of Ten 4. Breaking New Ground 5. On Parole 6. Make My Day 7. Hostile-Violent 8. Switchblade Serenades 9. Love/Hate 10. All Systems Go 11. Eye To Eye Ah, the world […]