streetlight manifesto

Streetlight Manifesto Denied Physical Copies of New Album By Label

Your favorite ska-punks just can’t catch a break. Streetlight Manifesto just announced on their Facebook page that their label, Victory Records, is witholding their new record, The Hands that Thieve, and refusing to send physical copies to the band or their fans. Streetlight Manifesto assures that “we will be able to fulfill all orders soon” […]


REVIEW: Streetlight Manifesto – The Hands That Thieve

Artist: Streetlight Manifesto Album: The Hands That Thieve Genre: Ska Ska music has a bad rep these days. It’s gotten to a point where people consider it lame when you say that you’re listening to ska, like you’re some sort of leper who listens to Top 40 radio. “Skas Dead!” they all say. While yes, […]

streetlight manifesto

Streetlight Manifesto Fans Fight To Get DC Venue Changed

Last night a group of punk kids from the DC area began petitioning for Streetlight Manifesto to drop the venue they booked in Northern Virginia (which for those who don’t know is basically a suburb of DC) known as Empire. For those who remember, a few weeks back The Wonder Years spoke out against Empire’s […]


Big D and The Kids Table Launch Kickstarter To Fund Two New Albums

Boston legends Big D and The Kids Table have launched a new Kickstarter to fund the recording and release of two new albums. We cover Kickstarter accounts on a near daily basis at this point, and to be honest, it’s a bit tiring trying to develop new ways to tell you people you may or […]

kill lincoln

STREAM: Kill Lincoln – “Brick Song”

It’s time to introduce you to your new favorite ska-punk band: Kill Lincoln. Hailing from the historical streets of Washington, DC, Kill Lincoln has decided to bring a new sound to the city. If you like bands like We are the Union and Goldfinger, you will feel right at home with these DC boys. Kill […]


Reel Big Fish Releases Album Teaser

Ska legends Reel Big Fish released a video teaser for their new album Candy Coated Fury, and we decided that since it’s Summer we should share it with you. For anyone who’s not familiar with the band (if you’ve ever listened to ska or claim to be a fan of the genre, I would probably […]


LIVE REVIEW & PHOTOS: Less Than Jake, Ballyhoo!, Kill Lincoln

Kids love ska music. It’s just how it is. It’s fast, it’s loud, but at the same time is so easy to dance to. It’s really not that hard to digest, so really anyone can go to ska shows and have a great time. Don’t like the loud guitars? Here’s some trumpets for you. Don’t […]

the king blues

STREAM + DOWNLOAD: The King Blues – “Modern Life has Let Me Down”

UK Ska-Punks The King Blues released a new song “Modern Life has Let Me Down” that is coming off of their forthcoming final record Long Live the Struggle. The band announced recently that after this summer release they will be calling it quits as a band, which frankly is quite the tragedy. This band’s blend […]

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Jesse Michaels Talks Operation Ivy Reunion

2012 has been a huge year for reunions already, which has lead most to wonder who else will come out of the woodwork with a new tour, festival appearance, album, etc. in the coming months. AlternativePress went beyond just thinking about possibilities and decided to ask simply ask one of punk fans’ most desired, Operation […]


REVIEW: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Magic Of Youth

Artist: Mighty Mighty Bosstones Album: The Magic Of Youth Genre: Ska Label: Big Rig At this point, it’s pretty well documented that I’m not the world’s biggest ska fan, that’s not any fault on ska itself, it’s just a personal choice, and one that I happen to be fairly adamant about. That said though, I’m […]


Five Iron Frenzy Kickstarter Passes $110K, 55 Days Remain

Recently reunited ska-punk act Five Iron Frenzy have a lot to be thankful for as of late. Not only did their return to the music scene come with praise and excitement across the board, but the outpouring from fans has been, and will continue to be overwhelming. Last week, we brought you news that Five […]


Five Iron Frenzy Return, Release New Song, And Raise $30,000 Via Kickstarter In Under An Hour

Travelling kept UTG from bringing you the news Five Iron Frenzy promised to release yesterday, but the delay has allowed us to better tell you the story. Last night, fans eagerly waited online for a long-due announcement from defunct ska band Five Iron Frenzy. When the time came, the group released a new song entitled […]