‘Smurfs 3′ Will Be A Completely Animated Franchise Reboot

Sony Pictures have announced that Smurfs 3 is not only being fast-tracked into production, but that it will be a completely animated adventure that reboots the entire franchise. That means no Neil Patrick Harris, no Hank Azaria, and absolutely no CGI. According to reports, the animated reboot of The Smurfs will feature entirely new environments […]



“No one expected The Smurfs to be an Oscar-worthy film and guess what, it isn’t. Hell, if they hadn’t already announced two sequels I would say most will forget such a film ever existed. The Smurfs is just a simple movie for children that happens to use a nostalgic icon that few are truly nostalgic for to kickstart a franchise and entertain our world’s young minds with non-offensive content. Who can complain about that?”

Smurfette Smurffed A Girl…

It is pretty hard to avoid the billboards, bus signs, mini-posters, and other promotional campaigns going on for the upcoming Smurfs film, but will it be worth our time? I love Neil Patrick Harris, as well as the rest of the human cast, but something about a ‘(insert anthropomorphic thing) takes New York’ storyline feels […]