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Update: Kristen Stewart May Yet Feature In Snow White Sequel

Contrary to previous reports, Universal are now rejecting claims that Kristen Stewart has been dropped from the mooted sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman. The net was awash with stories earlier this week regarding the dumping of the 22-year-old actress from a follow-up to the fairytale blockbuster, with indications that the studio was looking to focus on Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman instead. However, Universal co-chair Donna Langley spoke to MTV News yesterday and rubbished the claims, saying “Any reports that Kristen Stewart has been dropped are false.”


Kristen Stewart Dropped From Snow White And The Huntsman Sequel

Indiscretions in Hollywood cast a long shadow, or so it would seem as news emerged last night that Kristen Stewart will not be part of the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman. The fantasy flick, which earned $389.2 million at the global box office, may now be remodelled as a spin-off for Chris Hemsworth’s character The Huntsman, with no involvement for Stewart’s Snow at all.

It has also emerged that screenwriter David Koepp will be settled out of his contract to write the sequel as the studio’s current envisaging of the project will differ from the one he …

Brave Family


I really do not think it would be a stretch to say that this weekend would have been easy to predict for the top box office slot. Pixar’s new movie Brave claimed the title raking in more green than the lush Scottish countryside most of the film was set in. Honest Abe failed to be a big draw with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter taking the number three slot despite lots of buzz on the internet, and the new indie comedy/drama Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World managed to cling to the top ten list right at the …

Madagascar 3


It was a slow weekend for moviegoers, probably due to the new releases available to see. Rock Of Ages barely beat out Snow White And The Huntsman for a number three spot, most likely because no one under the age of forty is going to watch a movie where a 50 year old Tom Cruise is a rock god. Even more disappointing are the weekend numbers for That’s My Boy. Hopefully this means everyone is finally sick of Adam Sandler after his last terrible movie, Jack And Jill. You can see the top ten movies from the weekend …


EDITORIAL: “Snow White and the Huntsman: How the Action Flick Defeated the Comedic Mirror Mirror”

Was it sheer coincidence? Perhaps a secret rivalry between major studios? Or maybe it was an industry-wide desire to exploit the growing fantasy genre? One can only guess why Hollywood decided to release two Snow White films within several months of each other in 2012. The lighthearted, comedic Mirror Mirror and the gritty, action-packed Snow White and the Huntsman both offered a unique spin on the classic Brothers Grimm tale. And while the source material was identical, the box office results were anything but. While Mirror was a financial disappointment upon its release in March, Huntsman debuted to impressive opening …



The beginning of June saw the rise of another “blockbuster” as Snow White And The Huntsman takes the top spot at the box office last weekend. Somehow people managed to love the fairy tale rehash despite it being met with some pretty bad reviews. It goes to show you that the producers in Hollywood are great at milking a sick cow to death and convincing everyone that they need a drink. You can see the full top ten list and how much each movie made this weekend after the jump.



HOW BAD IS IT?! “Snow White And The Huntsman”

Head of the UTG film department and mastermind behind Reasonable Remakes, Justin Proper has brought us another new column. Ladies and gentleman, allow us to introduce you to: How Bad Is It?

Movies are the number one source of entertainment according to a statistic I just made up. Everyone loves going to the movies. It’s a standard date night, and has helped millions of teens awkwardly hold hands in the dark. Movies are a great escape from reality, and help people relieve the stress of their lives. Unfortunately every once in a while a movie gets released that ruins the

Florence And The Machine 2012

STREAM: Florence And The Machine – Breath Of Life

Florence And The Machine have unleashed a stream of their brilliant new track “Breath Of Life” and can be heard here.

FATM choose to drop this song as a part of the Snow White And The Huntsman soundtrack, which will be available to purchase on May 29 in the US. Singer Florence Welch was inspired to write this song by Charlize Theron’s character Queen Ravenna. Read what she had to say to NME below!

“The Queen is just this incredible character; so hungry for life but so dead inside. She’s sort of eternal, but inside there’s nothing. She’s kind of


Reasonable Remakes: 2012 Remakes Reboots and Re-imaginings

Under The Gun is continuing our efforts to bring you more original and engaging content with REASONABLE REMAKES. Written by film-nerd Justin Proper, this column aims to highlight Hollywood’s forgotten gems and spark debate.

You see, we’ve grown tired of Hollywood rehashing ideas we’re old enough to remember. Why remake something the majority of the planet still remembers and loves deeply when there are tons of films that deserve a chance to be as great as modern technology and skill can make them? If you agree, this column is for you.

Now that 2011 is in the books …


MOVIE TRAILER: Snow White And The Huntsman ( Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron)

We’ve known for months that 2012 would feature multiple studios releasing Snow White movies, but it was until a few hours ago that we got received our first trailer.

Snow White And The Huntsman looks to be a darker, more action-loving take on the classic tale. It stars Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart, but don’t let that turn you away too soon. One look at the trailer after the jump and you’ll soon realize, this isn’t the fairy tale you remember.

The film doesn’t open until June 2, so expect plenty of additional clips, photos, and other various promotional efforts to …