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Album Stream: The Ataris – ‘So Long, Astoria’ (COMPLETE DEMOS)

Kris Roe may have had his problems in recent years, but he is on a roll right now with surprises, and early this morning he and the rest of The Ataris surprised fans everywhere with a very special rarities release. Just a day after announcing plans to embark on a reunion tour, The Ataris lineup […]


The Ataris Announce ‘So Long, Astoria’ Tour Dates, Reunion Documentary

Over the past couple days, we’ve reported that Kris Roe of The Ataris has reunited with the group’s So Long, Astoria-era lineup and that the band is planning a full album tour. Dates have now been announced for the tour, which will take place in March of next year and include support from Authority Zero, […]


The Ataris Announce ‘So Long, Astoria’ Full Album Tour

It looks like our speculation was right. After posting pictures on Facebook of the So Long, Astoria lineup of the band, The Ataris have announced that they will be performing the whole album on tour. No dates or timeframe have been announced, but the band has confirmed that they will be taking out Authority Zero, […]


Kris Roe Reunites With The Ataris ‘So Long, Astoria’ Lineup

It is becoming increasingly difficult to follow the ups and downs of Kris Roe, frontman of The Ataris. He’s had a number of problems with bandmates over the years, including his famous TMZ-covered ‘drum throwing‘ incident in New Jersey and, more recently, the time he left bandmates stranded in Australia with no assistance in getting […]