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Get Wet: Aquaman Will Have His Own Film

There were rumors that surfaced near the end of 2013 that claimed Jason Mamoa had been approached by Warner Bros. about the possibility of portraying Aquaman in Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman. Those claims have since been accepted as truth, even though WB refuses to comment on the situation, and today we learned the studio […]


Rumor: Marvel Wants Johnny Depp For ‘Doctor Strange’

Hold on to your keyboards, comic book fans. The internet is bound to have a heyday with this one. Latino Review, who have a good-but-not-flawless record with cool movie scoops, are reporting that Marvel wants Johnny Depp to take on the role of ‘Doctor Strange.’ The studio allegedly met with the Pirates Of The Caribbean […]

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‘Star Wars’ Coming to a Theater Near You Every Summer Starting 2015

Disney and Lucasfilm announced today at CinemaCon that Star Wars: Episode VII will be coming out in the Summer of 2015. This was expected, but here’s the twist: after Episode VII comes out, Disney will put out a Star Wars film EVERY Summer. Yes, every single Summer. How is that possible production wise? Well let […]