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Listen To A New Michael Jackson Song Produced By Timbaland

Sony Records will be releasing Xscape, a posthumous record from Michael Jackson on May 1. We’ve already been treated to a great new track featuring Justin Timberlake, and today, we can hear “Chicago,” featuring production by Timbaland. According to the album’s liner notes, the track was recorded around 1999, after Michael heard the song that […]

Lauryn Hill 2013

Lauryn Hill Going to Prison Despite Settling $900K Tax Debt

Newly signed Sony Records artist Lauryn Hill will be spending 3 months in prison for evading her taxes from 2005-2007. She owed $900,000 to the federal government and the State of New Jersey, plus penalties. Nathan Hochman (her attorney) told Reuters that she actually paid off her debt through a loan leveraged against two pieces […]