the mars volta 2011

DAMMIT: The Mars Volta Aren’t On Hiatus… They Broke Up

The Mars Volta frontman Cedric Bixler Zavala had quite a night on Twitter. His ramblings focused mainly on the truth about The Mars Volta, who are apparently not on hiatus, but instead are no longer a band at all. Omar Rodriguez will focus on Bosnian Rainbows, while Cedric is apparently going to start a new […]


Sparta Working On Their Fourth Record

Once upon a time, At The Drive In split up into two bands, The Mars Volta and Sparta. The Mars Volta gained a ton of fame, and Sparta gained a little. At The Drive In got back together, and then Sparta stayed quiet. Now Sparta has announced via Instagram that they have begun working on […]


STREAM / FREE DOWNLOAD: Sparta – Chemical Feel

It’s been a long six years since fans have heard any new material from rock band Sparta, but they’ve recently released a new track entitled “Chemical Feel” which is currently streaming over at Alternative Press and is available for a free download on their website. Frontman Jim Ward stated the following regarding the new track: […]