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UTG PREMIERE: Expain – “Aggressions Progression”

Metalheads, come forth! Under The Gun Review is excited to introduce you to Expain, a band built on displaying technical skills behind the instruments. A heavy and potent mixture of thrash and jazz metal, Vancouver, Canada’s Expain is hoping to become a staple in a genre built on technical skill and speed. Today we introduce […]


REVIEW: Blessed By A Broken Heart – Feel The Power

Artist: Blessed By A Broken Heart Album: Feel The Power Genre: Rock/Metal Label: Tooth & Nail There are many subgenres thriving in the world of metal today, but none can truly contain the powerhouse that is Canada’s Blessed By A Broken Heart. By bringing together 80’s metal, modern alternative rock, and just a dash pop, […]

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REVIEW: Lamb of God – Resolution

Artist: Lamb of God Album: Resolution Genre: Groove Metal/Metal Label: Epic, Roadrunner After two decades and seven full length releases, Lamb of God are still as bombastic and explosive as ever. The band’s seventh album, Resolution, is melodic runaway freight train barreling through 14 tracks, rarely granting the listener a reprieve from its furious pace.