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Review: Person L/Weatherbox – Split EP

Artists: Person L and Weatherbox
Album: Split EP
Genre: Indie-rock/Experimental
Label: Youth Conspiracy Records

After four long years of patient waiting, Person L and Weatherbox have finally recorded that 7-inch they had promised. The Split EP consists of four all new tracks, two from each band, all of which are terribly enjoyable.  However, upon successive spins a more satisfying way to enjoy album has become apparent. Begin with either “OK” by Person L or “Kickflips For Weeks” by Weatherbox, and then alternate tracks between the two bands. A call and response, or a contest of sorts can be heard between …

A Loss For Words

REVIEW: A Loss For Words / Such Gold – Split 7″

Artist(s): A Loss For Words & Such Gold
Album: Split 7″
Genre: Pop Punk/Rock
Label(s): No Sleep Records / Mightier Than Sword

The thought of two of the best up and coming Pop Punks releasing a split 7-inch with two popular and emerging DIY labels, sounds incredibly exciting. The two bands in question are Rochester, New York’s Such Gold and Boston, Massachusetts’ A Loss For Words. Both are bands that have slowly and firmly been gathering on both sides of the Atlantic for the best part of 18 months.

James Shotwell is the founder of Under The Gun


REVIEW: La Dispute/Koji – Never Come Undone

"Never Come Undone is not worth the $9.99 iTunes has displayed for the pre-order. I suggest waiting for the price to drop to around 5 or six dollars before purchasing. Or, buy the Koji’s tracks individually. They are worth your money."