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R.I.P. The Stills

Canada’s The Stills have announced they are splitting up after 11 years together. You can read a full statement from the band below. After you read their letter, feel free to comment and share your memories of The Stills with other UTG readers. Dearest Friends of The Stills, How does one go about writing a […]

Gorillaz: “break up” or “to be continued”?

After The People released their story on the alleged end of Gorillaz, many fans began to sulk. If you happen to be one of these people filled with sorrow, dry your tears, because the “end” may only be a “to be continued”. Click past the jump for the full story!

Dr. Manhattan break up

Dr. Manhattan have announced that they’re breaking up. For more details regarding the split, read after the jump!

Isis Split Up

Check out the statement form the band