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REVIEW: The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – ‘Between Bodies’

Artist: The World Is A Beautiful Place… Album: Between Bodies Label: Broken World Media Genre: Post-Rock, Spoken Word Every fan of music knows what it’s like to dislike a release from a band that used to be a favorite. It starts with the initial feeling of fear and trying to push through it enough to […]

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UTG PHOTOS & REVIEW: Scott Ian’s ‘Speaking Words’ Tour (3/5/14)

Ladies and gentlemen, UTG can now double-confirm that Scott Ian is a very well-spoken, hilarious, and brutally honest man. If you were able to catch our interview with him a little while back, you probably chuckled at some of that charisma while perusing our conversation with him. When his first ever US spoken word tour […]

Scott Ian

UTG INTERVIEW: Scott Ian Discusses ‘Speaking Words’ Tour, Anthrax, And NOT Watching The Grammys

“I have as much to do with the Grammys as I do with the fucking Oscars.” Scott Ian, guitarist of iconic metal band Anthrax, is a straight shooter. It’s probably rooted in his Queens, NY attitude, but regardless of where it came from, the man doesn’t dance around what he’s trying to say. When I […]


LISTEN: Living Ghosts – ‘Forever & A Day’

Living Ghosts, the one man spoken word/post-rock project of California musician Ray Bolado, has released a brand new EP entitled Forever & A Day. For those who enjoy the idea of a mixture of acts such as Listener and Hotel Books, this record is not one to sleep on as Living Ghosts provides an instrumentally […]

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Happy Birthday, Henry Rollins!

Henry Rollins, he of Black Flag, the Henry Rollins Band, and spoken word fame, is turning 52 today. We don’t know what exactly the famed punk rock frontman is planning on doing for the big FIVE-TWO, though he certainly won’t celebrate by performing with either of the Black Flag reunion bands. But it sounds like […]

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Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour) Announces Solo Tour

One of rock’s most prolific frontmen in recent memory, Corey Taylor, has announced a solo tour for Winter 2011. It’s hard to believe between Stone Sour’s rising mainstream exposure and the flood of Slipknot album rumors that Taylor has time for this outing, but he’s going out regardless. The run will start in early December […]