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UTG’s Best Of 2012 (So Far…)

Seems like just yesterday we were rolling into 2012 with our “5 Bands To Watch” feature, but a glance at the calendar over the last week reminded the UTG staff that the year is already half gone. Discussing our triumphs and failures over the past few months lead to a discussion on the art that has stuck with us and, as always, the idea to release a new list feature was born.

If one thing is glaringly clear from entertainment in 2012, it’s that there is not only something for everyone, there is an abundance of it. We do our …

Under The Gun Review

UTG’s Best Of 2011: Music

2011 is coming to a close and as such, it is time to announce who we think delivered the best entertainment of the year.

This year has been huge, both for entertainment and Under The Gun, so cutting things down to a simple top 10 list proved damn near impossible. To combat this, we decided to let each member of our staff, if they desired, create a list of their favorite albums, Eps, single, and the like. You can view those lists after the jump.

The following lists are only the beginning of UTG’s 2011 celebration. Stay tuned for our …

Under The Gun Review

UTG LIST: Essential Fall Albums (& Spotify Playlist)

Fall is officially in the air and if you’re anything like us, your music taste is probably changing almost as quickly as your wardrobe.

Let’s face it: While we love the anthems that served as the soundtrack to our Summer road trips, not every Warped Tour act is as fitting for the changing of the leaves. This doesn’t mean you love those acts any less, it just means you like a little more variety in life and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Instead of posting a top ten this week, we decided to put our preferences aside and let …