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Cinema Sleep Announce New Label, Upcoming Releases For 2013

Cincinnati, OH heavy rock five piece Cinema Sleep have released a video today outlining recent developments and some of their upcoming releases for 2013. First, Cinema Sleep is no longer unsigned! They just partnered with StandBy Records, current home to the likes of Picture Me Broken and Hopes Die Last and the previous label for Black […]


REVIEW: Freshman 15 – Here’s To Feeling Good

Artist: Freshman 15 Album: Here’s To Feeling Good Genre: Pop-punk Label: Standby Records Freshman 15 have been on the go for ten years, apparently. That’s ten years they’ve been peddling the same glassy lyrical effluence and setting it to mediocre music. I’m sure this was put together with good intentions, but that can’t disguise the […]


MUSIC VIDEO: Hopes Die Last ft. Nekso – Keep Your Hands Off

Italian metalcore outfit Hopes Die Last have unleashed the music video for their electro-infused song “Keep Your Hands Off,” featuring Nekso. This song and video have so much going that it is hard to honestly understand where the performance aspect comes into play. This song comes off of the group’s latest effort, Trust No One, […]


Hopes Die Last Stream Album ‘Trust No One’

Italian post-hardcore outfit Hopes Die Last are currently streaming their upcoming release, Trust No One, over on AltPress. This album is definitely a step up from similar bands in this genre so give it a spin. Trust No One is due to drop tomorrow via Standby Records. Please give it a listen by clicking through […]

Freshman 15

Freshman 15 Release ‘Here’s To Feeling Good’ Details

Freshman 15 have revealed that they will be putting out their upcoming album, Here’s To Feeling Good, on March 13 via Standby Records. It seems like the group is going to back to a more pop rock sound like their first release, Throw Up Your Hands For One Night Stands. View the album artwork in […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Dot Dot Curve – Your Ears will Bleeping Bleed

Artist: Dot Dot Curve Album: Your Ears will Bleeping Bleed Genre: Terrible Music Label: Standby It’s getting harder and harder to be a successful band [at least] in America. Back in the day, you could release a solid record and tour for 2-4 years on it. Yes, fans grew tired of waiting for new material, […]

Vice on Victory – Glitter & Gold

Artist: Vice on Victory Album: Glitter & Gold Genre: Pop Rock Label: Standby I, as am sure all music journalists do, have a tendency to go easy on bands from my area [this being Ohio/Michigan], but there are limits. I’ve gone through brutal punk [Hellmouth] and everything else under the sun in these two states, […]

Count Your Blessings – Like Gum In Your Hair

Band: Count Your Blessings Title: Like Gum in Your Hair Genre: Pop/Punk Rock Label: Standby Records Tracks: 1. Coming Back To You 2. The Way You Move 3. I’ll Drive 4. Fell For This 5. Sweet And Petite 6. Friday Night Alone 7. Tore Up 8. Take It Easy 9. Where I Want To Be […]