Hear Vampire Weekend’s “Step” Remix Featuring Danny Brown, Heems, Despot

Almost in an effort to have the last say of 2013, Vampire Weekend took to Twitter last night to share a “wintertime remix” of “Step” with verses from Danny Brown, Despot, and Heems. Download it below. The four piece band had quite a year, topping nearly every “Best of” list from 2013 with this year’s […]


STREAM: Vampire Weekend’s new songs, “Diane Young” and “Step”

After their first full performance in nearly a year at SXSW last night, Vampire Weekend released two new tracks from their upcoming third-studio album, Modern Vampires of the City. The first track, “Diane Young” is an upbeat and distorted rock driven song, even by Vampire Weekend standards. The group’s production, detuned vocals, and sampling may […]

STREAM: Diplo & Skrillex – Amplifire

What better way to kickoff the work week than with a song from two of electronica’s biggest artists? Bringing together two subgenres for the ultimate mashup, click below to stream Diplo & Skrillex on, “Amplifire.” This song was found online within the last few days, but no source has been discovered. Rumors are swirling that […]