Steve Albini


Steve Albini’s Shellac Announce First Album in 7 Years

Legendary producer Steve Albini keeps himself busy each year producing a slew of albums (Cloud Nothings, Neurosis, Nirvana), commenting on trends, and being the generally outspoken person he is. That being said, he hasn’t done much with his alt-rock band Shellac except the usual annual performance at Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona. But now, after seven years, Shellac […]


Foxy Shazam Release New Album, ‘Gonzo’, For Free

Oh, what a glorious day to be alive! After being unusually quiet for the first several months of 2014, Foxy Shazam shocked fans around the world this afternoon with the surprise release of a new, completely free album titled Gonzo. You can stream the album below and grab a download off Bandcamp. Vinyl pre-orders are […]


Rumor: Foo Fighters To Travel The World In The Process Of Making New Album

It’s no secret that Foo Fighters are in the process of recording their eighth album, but they might not be going about it in a traditional manner. Last week, the band posted a picture of master tapes for the LP, which frontman Dave Grohl said last year is being recorded “in a way that no-one’s […]


Amanda Palmer Responds to Uproar, to Pay Musicians

Earlier this month, singer Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls requested “professional-ish horns and strings” to take part in her act “for a couple of tunes” with a payment of “beer and merch“. Her Kickstarter for her solo album raised $1.2 million, and so the internet responded negatively to her not paying her musicians money. […]


Steve Albini Talks Straight About Amanda Palmer’s Money “Woes”

Amanda Palmer raised A LOT of money on Kickstarter. For most people, the amount of her fan’s cash that she got would be far too much, but she was well deserving. So we thought… Recently, miss Palmer made an offer to prospective musicians, asking them to essentially play for baubles. This upset some folks (mostly musicians). […]