Steve Rennie


UTG INTERVIEW: Steve Rennie, Manager of Incubus, Founder Of Renman Music & Business

From time to time, a chance to interview someone we’ve long admired comes up that we simply cannot resist. Stevie Rennie is a music industry expert who started as a promoter in Los Angeles, became a record executive for Epic Records, and ended up managing Incubus. He’s now started his own website for those who […]


DOWNLOAD/STREAM: Brandon Boyd (Incubus) – “Where All The Songs Come From”

Though it hasn’t gotten the largest amount of publicity in the world thus far, Incubus front man Brandon Boyd is releasing his album with producer Brendan O’Brien. He had a solo album in 2010 called The Wild Trapeze, and Rolling Stone reports that this project is called Sons of the Sea. He described the upcoming […]


WATCH: Brandon Boyd (Incubus) Interview About The Music Business

Brandon Boyd, lead vocalist of alternative band Incubus, has recently done an interview pertaining to the music industry. The video, done for former Epic Records executive and current Incubus manager Steve Rennie, is a rather informative (and lengthy) discussion about how management has helped them and mistakes they made as a band in the past. […]