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rachel Taylor

Rachel Taylor Returns to He Is We

Is it over yet? It’s been a crazy year for He Is We and all of the parties involved. So, let’s catch up. First, vocalist Rachel Taylor pulled herself from the road due to illness. She was replaced by new live singer Stevie Scott. Then Rachel decided that it might be necessary to take legal action to […]


He Is We Announce New Vocalist, Comment On Rachel Taylor’s Departure

He Is We have announced Stevie Scott as the full time replacement for former vocalist Rachel Taylor. In a letter released to fans and press, Scott and guitarist/songwriter Trevor Kelly commented on He Is We’s recent changes: “Rachel is hands down one of the most talented individuals I know and have ever had the pleasure […]


He Is We Introduce New Singer Stevie Scott

AbsolutePunk is reporting that the new He is We live singer will be Stevie Scott. You can check out a new live session video with her performing “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye after the jump.