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Joseph Kony 2012

Invisible Children Release “Kony 2012: Part 2 – Beyond Famous”

Invisible Children have released a sequel to their popular Kony 2012 viral video. Entitled Kony 2012: Part 2 – Beyond Famous, the latest video from Invisible Children focuses on the aftermath of the video’s success, both good and bad. The official description reads as follows: KONY 2012: Part II — Beyond Famous offers a closer […]


SHAMELESS: Soulja Boy Releases “Stop Kony” (Seriously)

Proving he is never one to NOT cash in on a trend, Soulja Boy has released a song in support of Invisibile Children’s #KONY2012 campaign. You read that right: Less than 48 hours after going viral, Soulja Boy has released a song to support #Kony2012. Let’s overlook for a second how little Soulja Boy has […]