Patrick Stickles (of Titus Andronicus) Holds Live Press Conference, Announces 7-Inch Series

Titus Andronicus were teasing something all day involving the number 7. At 7:07:14 pm, Patrick Stickles, “Titus Andronicus LLC President For Life,” held a live press conference via YouTube explaining the meaning of “#7×7” and the “@TITUSANDRONICUS TWO MONTH SOCIAL MEDIA BLACKOUT.” Off the bat, Stickles explained that he entered a mental hospital on May […]


YouTube Adds First Paid Channel for Horror Films

We cover a lot of films here on UTG, and thanks to a new channel on YouTube we may soon be able to bring even more content to your ever-hungry eyes. The Wrap had the pleasure of exclusively announcing this afternoon that YouTube has launched its first paid channel for horror films. Known as Screampix, […]