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Here’s Why It’s Okay To Think That Fall Out Boy Song Isn’t All That Great

This James Shotwell-opposing diss track began as a joke and gradually got a little heated. I was heckling him about his swooning over Fall Out Boy’s newly-released “Fourth Of July.” He gave me the title and suggested I write an

Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy Recreate ‘Take This To Your Grave’ Album Artwork

Pop punk outfit Fall Out Boy were spotted recreating their notable Take This To Your Grave album artwork today in the same place the picture was captured. No one knows exactly why or for what purpose this was done. We …


Fall Out Boy Performance Of “Saturday” From 2002

Remember that time Fall Out Boy got back together and everyone rejoiced? That is currently happening.

Earlier this morning a video was put on the internet of Fall Out Boy, from 2002, performing their live rendition of the single …


LIVE VIDEO: Fall Out Boy – Live at the Metro 2003; Full Set Posted

“Hey Chris, you were our only friend. And I know this is belated, we love you back.” – Fall Out Boy; “Grenade Jumper”

A week ago, the subject of this Fall Out Boy classic, Christopher Gutierrez, posted some video of …

History Lesson

MUSIC HISTORY CLASS: From Under the Cork Tree

On this day in 2005, emo pop-punk outfit, Fall Out Boy, released either their sophomore record or their third record (depending on your view of 2003’s Evening Out with Your Girlfriend), From Under the Cork Tree. The …


Panic! At The Disco reveal their top 5 releases from FBR

Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith of Panic! At The Disco have revealed their top 5 releases from their record label, Fueled By Ramen.

Bands on Fueled By Ramen have revealed their top albums on the label for FBR’s 15th anniversary. …

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