Maker In Terrible Car Accident

Absolutepunk have just posted news regarding rock band Maker being in a terrible accident in their Suburban. Read the short note below and be sure to donate any money you can to help support the group and these costly hospital …


WATCH: Matt Skiba & The Sekrets First Live Show (Full Set)

Remember last week when we brought you the video of Matt Skiba & The Sekrets playing a song from their first show in Chicago and it was painful to watch? Well today, we would like to present you the entire …



If there is one thing we are learning in Summer 2011, it is that Hollywood can turn anything into a bad idea. It used to be people dreaded sequels, now we dread superhero films (thanks Green Lantern!) and after …


REVIEW: These Hearts – Forever Ended Yesterday

Artist: These Hearts
Album: Forever Ended Yesterday
Genre: Popcore
Label: Victory

Somehow, it feels inappropriate to be sitting writing this in a t-shirt that reads “music is our weapon.” Well, not this kind of insipid, pointless, reconstituted and non-threatening music, …

Andy Jackson has left Terrible Things

According to Andy Jackson’s Twitter update he is no longer playing in Terrible Things. No further information has been released on Andy’s departure but UTG will have the latest in time.

REVIEW: Forever The Sickest Kids – The Weekend: Friday

TheWeekendFridayArtist: Forever The Sickest Kids
Album: The Weekend: Friday
Genre: Pop
Label: Universal

When a young band like Forever The Sickest Kids takes over a year to release a follow-up record and instead of giving us 13 news tracks, opts …

Nanda Devi – Fifth Season


Band: Nanda Devi
Album: Fifth Season
Genre: Metal
Label: Cavity

1. The Circumpolar Current
2. Untitled
3. Abandoned By The Sun
4. Untitled
5. Blood and Iron
6. La Brea
7. Untitled
8. Fifth Season

I was honestly having …

Under The Gun Review