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Lupe Fiasco Debuts “Animal Pharm”

Chicago rappers are clogging our news feed today, but we are by no means complaining about it. With the release of his forthcoming album Tetsuo & Youth inching closer by the week, Lupe Fiasco took to the internet late last night, May 20, to release a new (free) single entitled “Animal Pharm.” As you may […]

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Lupe Fiasco (Or Whoever Manages His Twitter Account) May Have Accidentally Revealed The Title Of His New Album For 2013

Lupe Fiasco’s twitter feed is about as barren and desolate as one with over a million followers can be. There’s only one tweet, posted January 17 (following Lupe’s various tweet deletion sprees), directing visitors to the profiles of Fiasco-associated acts DJ Busy and SNDCLSH. Fiasco’s account is only following five people. HE EVEN HAS THE […]