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Ride Along 3

‘Ride Along’ Keeps Rolling Along

Three weeks in, and Ride Along‘s box office dominance remains unshaken with 12.3 million made this weekend. At this point, we’re left wondering how long of a tenure the comedy will have on weekend charts. Things haven’t changed much for Disney’s Frozen either, which has now been in theaters for the past 11 weeks, and has […]


‘Spectacular Now’ Star Miles Teller to Play Dan Aykroyd in John Belushi Biopic

After receiving widespread praise for his portrayal of a drummer chasing his dreams in the Sundance opener Whiplash, Miles Teller is back in the Hollywood headlines this morning with new casting news. According to Emile Hirsch (via THR), Miles Teller has been tapped to portray comedy icon Dan Aykroyd opposite Hirsch in the upcoming John […]


The 9 Must-See Films Of January 2014

January is usually a month reserved for the worst films of the year. No one really knows why this is, but it seems after the awards season dies down studios seem willing to release just about anything (as long as it does not cost that much to market). This year, however,there are a few more […]