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UTG LIST: 25 Bands We Want New Material From In 2014

***UPDATE*** Five (late) submissions have been added, for a total of 30 Bands We Want New Material From In 2014. 2013 marked a year of musical resurrection on many levels. We’ve been given long-awaited reunions, new records, celebratory re-issues, and anniversary shows fantastic enough to make even the most rudimentary of music fans giddy. With […]



In a genre, like most, continually being swarmed with repetition and monotony, The Analyst bring a fresh and heavy sound to death metal and grindcore. They’ve been on somewhat of a hiatus in the past year or so but are back with a vengeance and ready to show the world in 2012 that they’re a […]

Heal These Wounds signs to Innerstrength

Heal These Wounds have signed to Innerstrength Records and will record their follow-up to their 2009 Ambitions release. You can check out their demo tracks for their new album here.

The Analyst Rejoins With Original Guitarist

Callen is back!