The Family Tree: The Branches


Brian Lion’s ‘Best Of 2013’ In Music

“I fled the country. I thought I’d leave this behind, but I built the same damn house on every acre I could find. And I tried to fake my own death, just to shake the devils from my mind.” For myself, 2013, more than any other year that’s come to pass, was painstakingly challenging when […]

radical face branches

REVIEW: Radical Face – ‘The Family Tree: The Branches’

Artist: Radical Face Album: The Family Tree: The Branches Genre: Folk / Alternative My family has a vacation home about two hours north of Boston, located deep into the woods of New Hampshire. An escapist estate, the grounds are an apotheosis of earth and sweat, culminating in the cautious catacombs of a clearing flame found […]


Radical Face Streams “Holy Branches”

Ben Cooper is a wildly talented man. He’s been involved with several projects including the electronic pop outfit, Electric President, but if you’re unfamiliar with the man’s current indie folk endeavor, Radical Face, then you’re missing out. You’d certainly love his work if you’re a fan of anything from the likes of Kevin Devine and […]